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 Start your coaching journey by gaining an accredited coaching qualification 

You may be completely new to coaching, or you may have completed a basic coaching course that has left you hungry for more. Join us for a course that will expand your knowledge, your skill and your confidence to coach. Learn from one of the leading names in the coaching industry on our Transformational Coaching Diploma; a programme that is accredited by  the Association For Coaching. Learn to coach over 6 months, with a combination of online modules and 11 live, half-day interactive workshops on Zoom. 


Take your coaching to the next level with our coach development, supervision and mentoring

Join us for support, to upskill and develop your coaching, and to add to your CPD hours if you applying for, or maintaining coach accreditation. We regularly run:

  • Development workshops
  • Co-coaching groups
  • Business development sessions
  • Coach Supervision & Mentoring


Be part of an active community of coaches who meet regularly to support each other and move forward on their coaching journeys

At ‘Your Coaching Journey’ we understand what it feels like to be a coach. We also know that coaching can be a lonely arena to work in too; one where it’s often difficult to find the professional and social support that you need. So, we created a space to connect, collaborate, learn together and to have some fun.  

Since 2020 we have taken things online and we’ve met even more coaches from around the globe.

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‘Your Coaching Journey’ has been created to support you along the way, whether you’re a brand new or an aspiring coach or more established.

We aim to help you…

  • Get started with our accredited Transformational Coaching Diploma training programme.
  • Continue your personal and professional development with our mentoring and supervision, co-coaching groups, and coach development workshops. 
  • Explore new coaching concepts and methods
  • Develop your coaching skills and add to your existing toolbox
  • Connect with a like-minded community
  • Learn how to start up and run a profitable coaching business

“Coaching is most definitely a journey and here at ‘Your Coaching Journey’ we know how important it is to continue to develop as a coach, learn new skills and find ways to serve our clients. And to be surrounded by those of like mind is of huge benefit.

We’d love you to join us”

Helen & Tom

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Tom Dillon B.Sc. Psychology (Hons), M.A. Coaching

An accomplished and experienced coach, trainer and supervisor, Tom has been coaching leaders and professionals for over 10 years. Anyone who knows Tom will tell you of his commitment to furthering the aims of the coaching industry and to supporting individual coaches. As well as coaching leaders and professionals he mentors and supervises other coaches. Tom also runs our accredited coach training courses, which provide new and experienced coaches with a thorough grounding in both the theory and the practice of coaching. Tom’s decade long journey                                                                                      through the world of coaching means                                                                                           that he’s ideally placed to support you                                                                                                   on your own coaching journey.

Helen Leathers, B.Sc. (Hons)

An accomplished coach, trainer, speaker and author, Helen has been self-employed for over 20 years. She coaches women on purposeful living, as well as confidence and empowerment, combining a number of approaches including transpersonal, gestalt, positive psychology and NLP. Helen also has a background and interest in spirituality, meditation and personal development. She combines a spiritual outlook with a pragmatic approach to help individuals uncover deeper understanding, meaning, purpose and joy on their journey in life.

We love bringing people together.

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