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CPD For Coaches

Development Workshops

We run two Development Workshops a month. One will be on the 2nd Saturday (10am-12.30am). The same topic is typically repeated on the 2nd Monday of the following month (7pm – 9pm) but this is flexible. They’re low cost and you can add them to your ongoing CPD record.

Our aim is to share knowledge, experience and best practice in a relaxed and open environment, welcoming experienced and novice coaches alike. We also expect to have much fun during the time we spend together.

We usually discuss a particular aspect of coaching before we move on putting in to practice what we’ve been learning in small groups. Previous topics have included:

  • Transactional Analysis
  • Vertical Development
  • Coaching Through Adversity
  • Coaching With Archetypes
  • Clean Language
  • Solution-Focussed Coaching
  • A Gestalt Approach To Coaching

Co-Coaching Forums

We run weekly co-coaching group meetings on Wednesday evenings (7pm – 9pm).  
This is where you have the opportunity to practice your coaching with other coaches, be coached by other coaches and to observe coaches coaching. 

The learning that this activity provides can be hugely rewarding and has the added advantage of being conducted in a safe and supportive environment. 
You can also try out new coaching approaches here first and get honest feedback from other coaches.

Advanced Coach Training

You’ve got a coaching qualification under your belt, but there are many reasons you might want to increase your training, qualification and coaching knowledge. 

You might need more training hours to achieve a higher level of accreditation, or you might feel that you need more skills than your previous qualification provided.  And of course you may want to explore new approaches to coaching that you’d not previously studied.

You could just have a craving to learn something new. We totally get that, we love learning!

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