Mentoring & Supervision

with Tom Dillon


There are times when, as a coach, you will find yourself facing situations that you are unsure how to deal with or, having dealt with them, are concerned whether you have chosen the right path.  

In these scenarios having a safe space in which to reflect upon and explore live coaching scenarios, whilst benefiting from the advice of an experienced and qualified coaching supervisor is a valuable resource. 

Baring your coaching soul and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your supervision can be a daunting prospect, which is why you will want to be able to trust in your supervisor to hold that confidential and supportive space for you.   

As well as providing support and a safe space to explore your own coaching, supervision helps to ensure that you are maximising the quality of your coaching; engaging in clear contracting; maintaining healthy boundaries and paying attention to the impact that coaching may be having on you personally. 

I’ve been supervising coaches for the last five years and have supported those that I work with in their not knowing; in their searching for their own answers and in their seeking to support their clients in the most effective way possible.  


We could all do with a guiding hand at times, whether it’s around our coaching interactions, our development as a coach, or around our career in coaching. 

In the ten years that I’ve been working as a coach, I’ve worked with, studied with, conducted research with and socialised with a great many other coaches who have been trying to carve out a place for themselves in the coaching  world. 

I’ve watched some coaches struggle and I’ve seen some walk away from coaching as a profession. I’ve also seen some flourish and turn their learning and passion in to a career. 

The difference between those who flourish and those who walk away is often the support, or lack of support, that they receive along the way.

Having a mentor who has experienced the ups and downs of the coaching world and who understands what it takes to make it in the coaching world provides a valuable resource for any coach who is wondering what step to take next on their coaching journey.

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