Arvid Schigt qualified coach

Arvid Schigt

🌍 Isle of Lewis, Scotland, U.K.
🌍 Remotely via zoom
🗣️English & Dutch
💡Lifestyle Medicine
💬 Website

Online solution-focused transformational coaching in a dynamic, reflective and motivational way, and with a strong focus on lifestyle (mental wellbeing, relationships & social life, fitness, nutrition, sleep, and harmful substances & addiction).

Through a series of online sessions and some “homework” exercises you will be inspired and challenged to find your own solutions for the struggles you may have. For example: career change, family life logistics, wanting to exercise more, eating healthier, sleeping better, quitting smoking, decreasing alcohol intake, stopping gambling, reducing social media use, etc.

Lasting change and a healthy transformation of your life(style) are the goal!

Certified Transformational Coach with Your Coaching Journey Limited

Member of the Association for Coaching