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Transformational Coaching Diploma

Dr. Caroline Walker

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Dr. Jason Ward

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Find Out About Our Next Doctors’ Transformational Coaching Diploma

“This Course will be transformative”

“This course has been a brilliant experience with much personal and professional growth. The course design is fantastic and suited my preferred learning style perfectly – learning the theory of many different coaching approaches, models and tools followed by immediate application in the coaching room.

Our small group of amazing health professionals enabled me to feel safe whilst practising my new coaching skills. Tom is great -he is so passionate about coaching, very skilled and relaxed in his approach to facilitating our group and offered much encouragement, support and reassurance.

I now feel I am a more confident and competent coach with a range of coaching techniques to use as needed in the coaching room with my coachees. Coaching others brings me much joy and this course has taken my skills and knowledge to much higher levels.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their coaching knowledge, skills and personal coaching style as this course will be transformative.”

Dr Michelle Gooding

“I couldn’t ask for a better in-depth course”

“I have just completed the Coaching Diploma with Tom and I’d highly recommend it. For those wanting a thorough, interesting, challenging and friendly learning experience it’s perfect.

I was looking for a flexible but rigorous course and Tom provided exactly that- lots of practice and reflection. A safe and well-formed small coaching group allowed us to grow and experiment with the range of approaches and develop our coaching skills in a way that suited our own values, interests and coaching style.

I have learned a great deal about myself and a deeper understanding of what a coaching client will experience. My coaching skills have deepened hugely and I am excited about the range of techniques I now have to offer in appropriate settings. I am confident this won’t be the end of my coaching professional development but I couldn’t ask for a better in-depth course.”

Dr Sarah Goulding

Find Out About Our Next Doctors’ Transformational Coaching Diploma