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***Before listening, please see the warning below

In this episode we discuss how Helen uses meditative visualisation with her clients. Find out when it might be a useful technique to employ and why. Helen also shares her top tips on how to get started in using visualisation in the coaching room so, if you fancy trying it out yourself, listen to this episode.

During the podcast Helen will also be leading us through a guided meditative visualisation so that we can all experience it first-hand.

***IMPORTANT*** This podcast includes meditative techniques designed to relax you. Please do not listen to this while driving, operating machinery, (operating for that matter) or are engaged in any activity where you need to be fully aware of your surroundings.

We want you to listen, but please come back to it when it is safe for you to be in a lovely relaxed state, and potentially falling asleep.


The background music used in this visualisation has been purchased with the rights of use from www.melodyloops.com

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