Learning How To Coach

Foundational Coaching Skills

Many doctors have an understanding of what coaching is and have experienced coaching for themselves, either in a workshop, or through receiving coaching. Whilst this basic understanding offers an insight into the skills and qualities required of an effective coach, it’s another thing to put those skills into practice. All doctors will approach learning to coach
with some transferable skills, in terms of listening, asking questions and being solution focused. However, learning to coach and embedding some fundamental coaching skills allows for a space in the coaching room that doesn’t really exist anywhere else in life. It is in this space that the individual being coached finds their answers, their inner wisdom and their truth.

These skills include:

  • Building rapport and trust
  • Deep, active listening that doesn’t lead to providing your own solution
  • Playing back and summarising what the coachee has said
  • Asking crisp, clean, open questions, which most doctors find much harder than they imagined.
  • Supporting the coachee in focussing on their desired outcomes and moving towards
    achieving them.

These foundations of coaching are learned and practiced throughout the course so that, by the end, you are confident and competent in using all of them in a coaching session.

Learn Different Approaches To Coaching

It would be easy to think that coaching is just coaching, however, there are a number of different ways of approaching a coaching session and engaging with your coachee. Each coaching approach lends itself well to particular topics or areas of concern that an individual might bring to the coaching room. During our diploma programme we explore a number of different coaching approaches, allowing our delegates to develop their own uniquely integrated coaching style and selecting their own favourite tools and techniques from each approach.

During the course we will explore and put into practice elements of:

Our Training Is Accredited By The Association for Coaching

The Association for Coaching is one of three well regarded international coaching bodies. Our programme was created, and is delivered, to meet their core coaching competencies. We work in alignment with a coaching Global Code of Ethics – a set of guidelines established by the main coaching bodies to provide some quality assurance around the standards of
coaching generally.

Learning transformational coaching techniques and developing your own coaching approach can be a life-changing experience for doctors. We know, because we have now trained over 150 doctors, in small cohorts, and our graduates have told us how much they value the learning they have taken away from the course and of their own transformations whilst on the programme.

If you would like to know more about our upcoming cohorts of the Doctors’ Transformational Coaching Diploma programme you are able to do so here: https://yourcoachingjourney.com/doctors-coaching-diploma/

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