I think that often people relate coaching to achieving a goal, and if you have a goal you would like to work towards, coaching will definitely support you in that. However, there are lots of other reasons that people come for coaching. We believe that the most common factor amongst coachees is the need for change. That change could be in someone’s work, thinking, mindset, lifestyle, health, financial matters or relationships.

There are many different types of coach, and some who specialise in certain areas, for example, career coaching, or relationships.

With our approach as coaches and as a coach training provider we combine a number of coaching approaches to offer a transformational coaching experience. This means that you don’t need a specialist in your ‘area’. A transformational coach will help to explore your situation, limiting beliefs, and assumptions, find new perspectives and develop your thinking on whatever topic you bring to the coaching room. They will ask questions of you to elicit new thinking, and help you to find a new way forward that makes sense to you. They won’t give you the answers, they will help to draw your answers out from inside of you. You can take any topic to a transformational coach and spend time exploring it and generating new thinking on it. it may or may not result in you taking action or setting aa goal.

Why Do People Have Coaching?

People bring all sorts of topics to the coaching room, many of which we explore in more detail in our podcast. These topics might be centred around:

  • Physical, psychological and emotional health
  • Personal dilemmas
  • Further education
  • Career progression
  • Workplace difficulties
  • Future Direction
  • Money and wealth
  • Relationships
  • Personal development
  • Setting, planning for personal and professional goals

Coaching aims to help a person explore and develop their potential, understand their choices and options, and feel empowered and able to move towards the version of themselves they would like to be.

Some of the more specific topics we’ve talked about in our podcast include: (click through on the links to listen to the episodes)

Holding People To Account

Some people think that coaching is all about goal setting and accountability; creating a plan and committing to actions steps, then being held accountable by their coach for taking those steps. And, as I’ve already mentioned, goals certainly can be something that coaching is useful for. But can our coach truly hold us to account? We discuss this slightly contentious topic on our podcast in episode 24.

If you’re a doctor thinking

a) I could do with some help on some of these things


b) I would love to help others with these topics

Why not take a look at our Doctors’ Transformational Coaching Diploma?

On this 6 month training programme, not only do you learn how you can coach others to make transformational change in their lives, you will also receive plenty of coaching along the way, to help you make changes and transform your own life. 


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